August 1st

Alyssa Johnson

EDS Faculty since 2022; 8 years prior experience B.S.W. Social Work, Augusta University M.Ed. Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Augusta University

June 13th

Amy Tomblinson

EDS Faculty since 2022; 25 years prior experience B.A. English Language and Literature, University of Michigan B.A. Elementary Education (K-8),…

June 13th

Ginger Chew

EDS Faculty since 2022; 22 years prior experience B.A. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Alumni Parent

June 12th

Dr. David B. Perkinson

EDS Faculty since 2022; 33 years prior experience B.A., St. Andrews Presbyterian College M.A., University of North Carolina at Charlotte…

August 4th

Susan Huff

EDS Faculty since 2021; 9 years prior experience B.S., Georgia Southern University 2022 EDS March Madness Champion

August 2nd

Lakeisha Thigpen

EDS Faculty since 2021; 14 years prior experience B.A., Augusta State University Alumni Parent

August 2nd

Mindy Golden

EDS Faculty since 2021; 14 years prior experience BSN, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center MSN, Texas Tech University Health…

July 28th

The Reverend Sonia Sullivan Clifton

EDS Faculty since 2021; 18 years prior experience BBA, Valdosta State University MBA, Valdosta State University M.Div., University of the…

May 20th

Karli Babylon Murray

EDS Faculty since 2021; 6 years prior experience B.S. in Hearing Speech and Language Science, Ohio University M.S. in Outdoor…

August 6th

David Gardner

EDS Faculty since 2020; 14 years prior experience B.S., Animal Ecology, University of Aberdeen

August 6th

Ty Jenkins

EDS Faculty since 2019; 4 years prior experience B.S., Augusta University M.A.T., Augusta University Current Parent

August 1st

Amanda Chambers

EDS Faculty since 2018, 10 years prior experience B.F.A., University of Georgia Current Parent