September 7th

Angela Hynds

EDS Faculty since 2022 B.A., University of Alabama Current Parent

August 1st

Renee Austin

EDS Faculty since 2022; 6 years prior experience A.A. Accounting, Jefferson Davis Junior College Alumni Parent

August 1st

Avery Garrett Wilson

EDS Faculty since 2022; 5 years prior experience B.A. Georgia College and State University

August 2nd

Lakeisha Thigpen

EDS Faculty since 2021; 14 years prior experience B.A., Augusta State University Alumni Parent

July 28th

MaLea Breland

EDS Faculty since 2018, 21 years prior experience B.F.A., Augusta University

August 7th

Suzi Hall

EDS Faculty since 2006; 4 years prior experience B.S., University of Georgia Alumni Parent

January 10th

Kristen Heinlein

EDS Faculty since 2011 B.F.A., Stetson University M.A., Savannah College of Art and Design Current Parent

January 10th

Gilchrist Phillips

EDS faculty since 2009; 15 years prior experience B.A., North Carolina State University M.Ed., North Carolina State University Ed.S., Augusta…

January 10th

Holly Welsh ’86

EDS Faculty since 2010; 12 years prior experience B.S.Ed., Presbyterian College EDS Alumna, Current and Alumni Parent

January 10th

Tara Scheyer

EDS Faculty since 2013, 25 years prior experience B.A. Music, University of Southern Mississippi Summer Performance Program Degree, Berklee College…

January 10th

Sonia Puerta-Quinn

EDS Faculty since 2007 B.A., Augusta State University M.A., University of Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain