August 6th

Amy Sutherland Nesbit

EDS Faculty since 2020 B.A., Studio Art, Converse College B.A., English, Converse College B.S., Occupational Therapy, Medical College of Georgia,…

August 6th

Kirby Melbourne

EDS Faculty since 2019; 2 years prior experience B.A., Franklin Pierce University

August 1st

Heather Warren

EDS Faculty since 2018 B.F.A., Augusta University

January 10th

Erica Perry

EDS Faculty since 2017; 4 years experience B.S., University of South Carolina Graduate Studies, Augusta Univeristy

January 10th

Stephanie Senn

EDS Faculty since 2020 B.A., University of Alabama

January 10th

Beth Williamson

EDS Faculty since 2007; 12 years prior experience B.A., University of South Carolina