Georgia Organics Farm to School Summit Workshop

Georgia Organics Farm to School Summit Workshop

Joe And Kimberly Kirstein recently hosted a three-hour workshop at the Flowing Wells Campus for the sixth annual Georgia Organics Farm to School Summit held on October 5th and 6th in Augusta. More than 30 educators from across the state participated in a hands-on workshop where they learned how to teach educational standards in math and science with educational gardens.

First Quarter Activities at the Flowing Wells Campus
Our experiential learning programs at the Flowing Wells campus got off to a strong start with twelve trips during the first quarter. Our eighth graders began a year-long chemical analysis study at our Rae’s Creek Georgia Adopt-a-Stream water quality monitoring station at the Jackson Bridge.  Sixth graders planted eight garden beds for a ratio and proportion math activity, created a scale geologic timeline walk, and participated in mapping and Spanish activities.  Students in kindergarten, first, second, and fourth grades learned hands-on measurement skills in the gardens and honed their observational skills with nature scavenger hunts around the fields, forests, and wetlands of the beautiful campus.
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Joe Kirstein

Boardman Chair of Science and Sustainability, Seventh Grade Robotics, Eighth Grade Physical Science

EDS Faculty since 2015; 17 years prior experience
B.S Ed., Georgia State University
M.S., Mississippi State University

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