Faces of Carpool – Alison Wright

Welcome to “Faces of Carpool!” In our weekly Panther Post, we are highlighting the amazing faculty and staff that you see each morning and afternoon in carline, but may not know exactly what their role is at EDS. If you do know them, this is also a great way to learn something new! Today’s “Face of Carpool” is Alison Wright, our Preschool through Kindergarten Godly Play teacher and our First, Second, Third, Sixth, and Seventh Grades Religion teacher!


What does daily life look like for you at EDS?

Since I am a religion teacher my day is filled with teaching, learning, and talking about God and the stories of the Bible. I have students ranging in age from the Young 3’s to seventh grade, so it’s a great opportunity to see how we relate to God in different ways through developmental ages and stages.


Favorite thing about working at EDS?

I really enjoy that we have both indoor and outdoor spaces available for teaching and learning–at Walton Way and Flowing Wells. I will always remember being in the middle of telling one of the Godly Play stories at Flowing Wells last year while a group of geese gracefully flew overhead. It was a beautiful experience!


Favorite thing about carpool? 😉

I like getting to see so many students and family members (including dogs!) of our school community in a relatively short time each time I do carpool.


Leave us with one interesting fact about you:

My mom ate a banana split the night before I was born, so sometimes on my birthday we have banana splits rather than birthday cake!

Alison Wright

5th Grade English, First - Third Grade and Sixth - Seventh Grade Religion

EDS Faculty since 2017; 18 years prior experience
B.S., Early Childhood Education, University of Georgia
M.A., Christian Education, Asbury Theological Seminary

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