Faces of Carpool: Karen Dye

Welcome to “Faces of Carpool!” In our weekly Panther Post, we are highlighting the amazing faculty and staff that you see each morning and afternoon in carline, but may not know exactly what their role is at EDS. If you do know them, this is also a great way to learn something new! Today’s “Face of Carpool” is Karen Dye, the Head of our Lower School!


What does daily life look like for you at EDS?

Busy!  Everyday is different but each day, I visit classes, meet with teachers, talk with students, answer emails and phone calls, and many other tasks.


Favorite thing about working at EDS?

That’s easy – the community – EDS students, parents and faculty.


Favorite thing about carpool? 😉

Greeting the students and the parents


Tell us an interesting fact about you:

I fall up and down mountains and haven’t gotten hurt . . . yet.  I fell up (flat on my face) at Stone Mountain in Atlanta and down Mt. Roberts in Juneau, Alaska. Stay tuned!

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