Faces of Carpool: Karen Lilly

Welcome to “Faces of Carpool!” In our weekly Panther Post, we are highlighting the amazing faculty and staff that you see each morning and afternoon in carline, but may not know exactly what their role is at EDS. If you do know them, this is also a great way to learn something new! Today’s “Face of Carpool” is Karen Lilly, our Director of Admissions!


What does daily life look like for you at EDS?

In my opinion, I have the best job at EDS! I have the pleasure of meeting every single family that walks through the door. I am out and about on campus and enjoy hearing the chatter and laughter, and seeing children skip down the breezeways.


Favorite thing about working at EDS?

It is hard to narrow down my “favorite” thing about working at EDS. After 28 years, I still absolutely love watching the children flourish as they grow, love all of our amazing families, and working with colleagues who have a passion for teaching. Just getting to be a part of EDS for all of these years has been a true gift.


Favorite thing about carpool? 😉

My favorite thing about carpool is getting the preschool children in the village out of their cars. They are so sweet and are happy to see us as we open the door. It’s a great way to start my day!


Leave us with an interesting fact about you:

I have the pleasure of raising several grandchildren, so my life is very full of love and laughter!

Karen Blanchard Lilly

Director of Admissions

EDS Faculty since 1993; 8 years prior experience
A.A., Augusta Technical College
Augusta College

Alumni Parent and Grandparent

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