Faces of Carpool: Tara Scheyer

Welcome to “Faces of Carpool!” In our weekly Panther Post, we are highlighting the amazing faculty and staff that you see each morning and afternoon in carline, but may not know exactly what their role is at EDS. If you do know them, this is also a great way to learn something new! Today’s “Face of Carpool” is Tara Scheyer, our fabulous preschool through second grade music teacher!


What does daily life look like for you at EDS?

It’s so much fun! I’m at EDS 3 1/2 days a week, and I get to sing, play music and dance like crazy pretty much that whole time.


Favorite thing about working at EDS?

I love the people who make up our school – they are such a joy to work with! And I love being in my classroom- it’s my happy place!


Favorite thing about carpool? 😉

Early mornings with students in those first few sweet moments, when they are giving hugs and saying I love you to their friends and family is the BEST way to start the day!


Leave us with one interesting fact about you:

I fell in love with teaching music to little bitties when I became a mom to my own little bittie, Felix.  And now, he’s a senior in high school!
Also, before I became a music teacher at EDS, I lived in Nashville and was a songwriter for Reba McEntire.

Tara Scheyer

Preschool - Fourth Grade Music

EDS Faculty since 2013, 25 years prior experience
B.A. Music, University of Southern Mississippi
Summer Performance Program Degree, Berklee College of Music

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