We Have Our Winners!


Congratulations to the following students who competed in the annual Pumpkin Carving Contest.

Anne Harper D. – Friendliest

Anne Marshall M. and Lang M. – Most Monstrous

Aiden L. – Best Mustache

Gabby L. – Wartiest

no name – Best Ears

Mercer H. and Charles H. – Best Hair

no name – Most Shocking

Jacob C. – Most Inventive

no name – Perry the Scary

no name – Strongest

Maddie C. – Most Creative

Felton H. – Happiest

Nat L. – Best Carving

IMG_6425 IMG_6422 IMG_6419 IMG_6417IMG_6413 IMG_6411 IMG_6412 IMG_6408 IMG_6406 IMG_6405

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