EDS 5th-8th Grade Parent Meeting – Dec. 4

5th-8th Grade Parent Meeting – EDS Goes Global!
Wednesday, December 4th, 6:00 p.m.
EDS Lunchroom

What is one of the most critical skills your child will need in the 21st century and also one of the most challenging to teach?

Multi-cultural competency. The sooner students learn to work well with people from other cultures the better.  Further, studies show that deeper understanding of other cultures only strengthens one’s understanding and appreciation for one’s own culture.

Episcopal Day School is preparing to launch two exciting initiatives aimed at developing this skill. Our students will study, compete, and work in a globally competitive and collaborative environment.


The best way to learn about different cultures is to experience them first hand, so starting this summer, EDS will offer students in grades 5-8 the opportunity for international travel.  For over two years we have been working on this concept. Recently, an enthusiastic faculty committee has worked with an experienced international travel company, Chill Expeditions,  to tailor these trips specifically to our school’s needs and match our program.

Parents of grades 5-8 should attend the parent meeting for complete details, but you can see descriptions (subject to minor adjustment) for two trips tentatively scheduled for June 6-13 below. You will see that we have created balanced, comprehensive trips that include academic exploration, language development, culture and the arts, service, adventure, and a missional connection.

CURRENT 5TH AND 6TH Grade Excursion to Costa Rica: Click here for brief description

CURRENT 7TH AND 8TH Grade Excursion to Belize: Click here for brief description


Successful citizens in growing markets from other countries (China, India, Korea, Paraguay, Peru, etc.) are seeking American education in increasing numbers.  Several placement firms have established successful links in placing appropriate international students in American schools in order to prepare them for matriculation to good universities and to offer them immersion experiences to develop multi-cultural competencies.  As a school that “builds foundations for learning and for life,” we believe we could offer a valuable foundational experience for some of these students, who would in turn enrich the education and cultural experience of our own students.  We will also discuss this program further and explore levels of interest from potential host families at the parent meeting.

These are works in progress that require your input. Even if you are not interested in international travel for your child this summer, we hope you will attend the parent meeting to learn more and offer your insights.



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