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NedmurrayIf the EDS campus could write an essay titled, “What I Did On My Summer Vacation,” it would go something like this:

It was a short, wet, and busy summer, but I accomplished so much that I am proud of.  And as much as I enjoyed the break, the quiet, and sleeping in, my heart is so full now that everyone is back. I didn’t really realize how much I missed them until they returned last week.

My teachers were busy this summer working on projects to enhance the students’ experience. One group reviewed and revised menus to help develop some new healthy and appealing meals for my children, and another researched and planned for the trial and implementation of something called an iPad cart that they seem so excited about. Meanwhile, another group has been studying the future of STEM education at EDS (science, technology, engineering, and math – and sometimes they add art to make it STEAM). Also, I keep hearing teachers talking about “non-cognitive skills” or “21st century skills” so I know they are really focused on giving my children what they need to be successful in their lives and not just school.

It was good to have time to take care of myself this summer, and I feel and look as good as I have in a long time.   My gym has been spruced up with awesome and classy roster boards, and I love the way everyone will now see the school crest on the way out, like a reminder. Most people don’t see it, but my new roof keeps me dry and makes me smile. My playground has been cleaned up and lots of lovely new wood chips were placed around the base of the equipment to help keep my children safe. In the front of the school – in the Mansberger garden – new drains were put in to help divert heavy rains, and new greenery is coming to make it even more beautiful. I have a fresh coat of paint in many places, most especially with a new color on the kids’ lockers! Many of my teachers have moved classrooms to consolidate student clusters, especially for 5th grade and the middle school.

There’s lots more that most people won’t notice, but my two favorite makeovers were a) a beautiful, warm new interior design for my lunchroom and b) raising the front fences to increase security. Speaking of safety, my division heads researched and created new carpool procedures to help keep children safe – it’s all about my kids, you know! (Now if they can just get the parents to remember to stop with the front of their car at the numbered cone!)

So it was a good summer, but nothing feels as good around here as the start of a new school year. To be honest, by late July it was getting dreary and lonely here, and people were getting cranky. I felt empty with the kids gone except for summer camps; the beauty and love and purpose that fill my halls were missing.

But now the heartbeat is back! A new year begins, and everyone seems filled with the excitement of the unknown wonders and knowledge that await them. I love seeing their joy when they reconnect with old friends and feeling their excitement, tinged with a little trepidation, as they embark on this year’s new adventure.

It was a great summer, but I’m so glad to have this wonderful new year begin.

Click here to view the slideshow of summer campus improvements.

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