A WONDERful Visit


“Why did you originally choose EDS for your child?”

“Why have you kept your child at EDS?”

“What does preparation mean/look like for you?”

“What of these important elements of an EDS education do you envision could be amplified on the Flowing Wells Campus?”

“What new elements of an EDS education can you envision being made possible by the Flowing Wells Campus that would not otherwise be possible?”

These are the kinds of questions that were at the center of three days of design workshops with the team from Wonder, by Design in the next steps of designing our Flowing Wells Campus.

You have all seen the land use plan, which reflects the way our prioritized “wish list” of facilities can actually fit on the nearly 30 acre parcel we own. In the current phase of planning and design, however, it is time to turn the “wish” into action — to develop a plan for incorporating that campus in to the life of the school. That’s where Wonder, by Design fits in. An amazingly talented team composed of educators, architects, artists, and ethnographers, they are helping us develop the programs as well as facilities—the entire ecology of learning—for the future of EDS.

Using the extensive information and insights they gathered last week, they will return in February with two things for us to review and respond to: 1) our “Education Manifesto” or guiding philosophy and vision statement for this project, and 2) a revised master plan that organizes the Flowing Wells Campus according to this educational vision and our evolving priorities. By May, we expect that the planning and design process for the next phase will be complete, including a comprehensive business plan that details revenue and expense opportunities several years out.

To the credit of the board and campaign leadership, we have been measured and disciplined in this process, taking the necessary time to allow a comprehensive vision to evolve that will serve the school and community for decades to come. However, over the course of the coming months, our progress will accelerate as the vision comes into ever more clear focus and as our shared priorities emerge. Please stay tuned and avail yourself of the coming additional opportunities to participate in the shaping of the future of education at EDS.

To refresh yourself about the history and the current leadership, visit the Flowing Wells Campus webpage here.

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