A Lot is Happening at FWR


Last Tuesday, members of the science department took part in a water quality training through Georgia Adopt a Stream.  The creek on the property makes up the headwaters of Rae’s Creek. We hope that students and teachers will be able to monitor the health of this stream for years to come by monitoring oxygen levels, pH and temperature.

Last Wednesday, Ms. Wilson’s second grade class planted lettuce seedlings in our new school gardens.  They also made observations about the health of plants. The 7th grade came to the property last Thursday and rotated through three activities: They spread mulch around the gardens to help control weeds and insulate the surrounding soil. They collected temperature data from several sites around the property for a graphing project that they are working on in science class. They also made observations about the diversity of wildlife, finding evidence of a variety of species.

On Friday, third grade took part in their first “The More You Know The More You Grow” class through Georgia 4H. Flowing Wells Road is quickly becoming a big part of education at EDS!

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