New Beds Galore at the Flowing Wells Campus


The weather has been unseasonably warm allowing for lots of early planting at the Flowing Wells Campus! Last week the sixth grade had a very productive 90 minute session where they constructed four new raised bed gardens from the blocks donated by Augusta Concrete. They also planted nearly ninety kale seedlings that third graders started from seed in their classrooms in February.


Second graders weeded existing beds and added new soil in six existing beds to plant spinach that they started from seed a few weeks ago. They used our mobile classroom hot spot to do research along the way and also used their iPads to to document the progression of the plants in their electronic science journals. So far, we have peas, kale, potatoes, and carrots in the ground. With an array of planting, harvesting, and learning to be done this spring, the EDS science department had their monthly meeting at FWC to make plans for class visits for the remainder of the year.


Last week the eighth grade class took on the challenge of building a keyhole garden on the newly renovated parcel of land behind the village. What’s a keyhole garden?  It’s a circular raised bed garden with a a slice removed–like a pizza with a slice cut out. This garden and its location will be perfect for the 3’s and PK to take part in planting and harvesting. We send a big thanks to Augusta Concrete for this generous donation.

Joe Kirstein

Boardman Chair of Science and Sustainability, Seventh Grade Robotics, Eighth Grade Physical Science

EDS Faculty since 2015; 17 years prior experience
B.S Ed., Georgia State University
M.S., Mississippi State University

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