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The EDS Endowment

The EDS Endowment consists of gifts that have been given to EDS where the principal (principal = philanthropic gifts) will be permanently invested and a portion of the investment income may be expended for restricted or general purposes, based on budgetary needs. Gifts to this endowment ensure the long-term financial security of the school. The EDS Endowment is funded through a variety of sources including:

  1. Estate/Planned Gifts
  2. Outright gifts from parents, friends, and alumni
  3. The EDS Parents Association (10% of its annual revenue)
  4. Excess Annual Fund gifts

Allen and Mary Clarkson Endowment

In 1990, friends and family members honored the foundation of Episcopal Day School, The Rev. Allen B. Clarkson, and his wife Mary, on the occasion of Father Clarkson’s 50th anniversary of his ordination. Father Clarkson served as the Rector of the Church of the Good Shepherd from 1942 to 1979. This endowment is used for the general support of the school.

Anne J. Johnston Teacher Education Endowment

The Anne J. Johnson Teacher Education Endowment was established in 1987 in honor of Anne J. Johnson, a former teacher and Director of EDS from 1958 to 1987. This endowment supports continuing education for teachers.

Boardman Chair of Science and Sustainability Endowment

The Boardman Chair of Science and Sustainability Endowment provides annual support for the Boardman Chair of Science and Sustainability, a leadership faculty position that is fundamentally tied to our spiritual and ethical mission. Balancing the earth’s finite resources with the reasonable demands of a growing population is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. EDS is leading the way by preparing a generation of citizen-leaders with the knowledge, attributes, and skills necessary to manage this challenge.

Christie C. Owen Excellence in Teaching Endowment

Dr. Glen Owen, Sr. established this endowment in 2004 in honor of Christie Owen, who served EDS for 30 years as a teacher, Team Leader, and Lower School Head (1996-2004). This endowment provides a cash prize to the winner of the Christie Owen Excellence in Teaching Award, which recognizes an EDS teacher for his or her contributions to excellence in education.

Endowment for the Arts

Upon the death of Mrs. Mary Clarkson in 2008, in recognition of the many contributions of Allen and Mary Clarkson and Mary’s sister, Dolly Hamby, to the school, and in appreciation for the love that Mary, Allen, and Dolly had for the written word and other fine arts, their family members provided the initial gift establishing the EDS Endowment for the Arts. This endowment supports arts education and advancing fine arts at EDS.

Knox Diversity Endowment

Established in 1996 by the Knox Foundation for the following purposes: To enhance the diversity of the student body, faculty, administration, and staff and to support the curriculum that will improve the tolerance of all students of diversity in our society.

Mary Lou Phinizy Endowment

Established in 2008 by family members of Mary Lou Phinizy, this endowment provides financial assistance to applicants with demonstrated financial need.

Martha Carpenter Scroggs Visiting Artists Endowment

This endowment was established in 2011 to honor the 55 year career of Martha Carpenter Scroggs in the EDS preschool. Funds will be used to enhance our core arts programming with dynamic performances, classes and exhibitions by visiting artists.

Murphy Family Endowment for Financial Aid

Established in 2019 by Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Patrick Murphy, this endowment provides financial assistance to applicants with demonstrated financial need. Preference will be given to the applicant’s family who is 1) a medical student, 2) a medical resident, 3) a graduate student, or 4) a member of the Church of the Good Shepherd. Should there be no such applicant in a given year, assistance will be awarded in accordance with the school’s existing financial aid criteria.

Rob Perry Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Established in memory of EDS student Rob Perry (1978 – 1988) to provide financial assistance to qualified students who might otherwise be unable to attend EDS.

R.O. Barton, Jr. Endowment

Established in 2010 by the R.O. Barton, Jr. Family Trust, this endowment provides financial assistance to applicants with demonstrated financial needs.

Tatum McLoughlin Professional Development Endowment and Miles McLoughlin Professional Development Endowments

The McLoughlin family established these endowments in 2010, named for their children, to honor EDS faculty and fund professional learning and rejuvenation activities for faculty and staff.

Robert D. Fain Chaplaincy

Established in 2011 by an anonymous donor, this endowment provides annual support to preserve, protect and enhance this vital, mission-centric role at EDS.

Chair of Religious Life

This endowment was created in 2012 to enhance the vital role of religious education and Biblical literacy and how these teachings provide a sound moral foundation for EDS students.

The Robert B. and Kathryn M. Lamar Endowment for the Arts

This endowment was created to encourage and develop the interest of EDS students in the following areas: poetry, literature, creative writing, music, theater, and visual arts.

The Rip and Joan Tabb Endowment for Financial Aid

Established in 2011, this endowment provides financial assistance to applicants with demonstrated financial needs.

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