4th Grade and Rock Eagle

The Rock Eagle Environmental Education Program makes learning come alive in the outdoors! Rock Eagle is more than a change of pace for learning; it is the excitement that comes from students exploring the outdoors and making real-world connections.  EDS 4th Graders have been participating in this three day, a two-night program for more than 20 years.  This year students had hands-on experiences in Herpetology, Watershed Studies, Ornithology, Team Initiatives, and Canoeing.  They also enjoyed a nighttime campfire complete with leader-directed stories, songs, and chants.  A highlight of the final night this year was the EDS “Rock Eagle Idol” talent extravaganza! Much learning took place and unforgettable memories were made.  Special thanks to this year’s chaperones: Chapman Godwin, Jonathan Adams, and Bryan Pendergrass.

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