A Door in the Wall Original


Fourth Graders are now studying the Newbery Award winning novel, The Door in the Wall.  This book by Marguerite de Angeli is set in Medieval times.  Students have learned that the time span of the story is during the time of the Black Plague in London and the reign of Edward III.    The main character, Robin de Bureford, although he is only a boy, has his life planned out.  As the son of a noble knight the expectation is for him at age ten to leave home and train to become a knight.  Unfortunately, he is struck with an illness that causes him to become unable to walk…his life plans must change.  This is an inspirational story of overcoming adversity and striving to find “a door in the wall.”

Aleck H., our own talented 4th grade artist, recently surprised Mrs. Anne Moss with an original painting inspired by the book.  The painting is on display in Room 201 and will be treasured by Mrs. Moss for many years to come.

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