Finally Sunny for Fifth Grade Solar-bration


The long journey to discover the benefits of solar energy began with a study of shadows. The students drew their shadows and saw how they changed throughout the day – a concept that would be very important in solar cooking. They investigated the sun’s energy in black and white surroundings. They tested the sun’s energy in different earth materials, such as sand, water, and dark soil. Finally, they designed and tested solar water heaters to see which design absorbed the most heat. All of these investigations built knowledge that led to the design and construction of solar ovens. Solar Energy Day was held at the Flowing Wells Campus on November 11th. The students cooked their lunches of nachos and cheese and finished it off with baked s’mores. The ovens worked! The average temperature of the ovens was about 200 degrees. Our fifth grade team is very proud of the students’ work and would also like to thank all of the parents who came out to help.

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