First Grade Gives Back


My class began with a $50.00 donation at Christmas from Lisa and Blake A. Rather than spend the money on our class, I decided to give them a long term project. Each child in 1B got $3.50. We talked about how we could “grow this money” by doing jobs around the house and for others. The class knew that the money they earned had to be earned by them. They could not ask family and friends to donate. Each child was given a homemade savings account sheet. As jobs were done they entered the job they had done and the amount earned. This project began in January and the class brought in their earnings on May 16th. We spent much of this day adding up our grand total…$402.00.

I had spoken with Lisa about our project and asked her to help us in deciding where or to whom we might give our gift. Hence, the brilliant choice by Lisa of Christ Church’s soup kitchen. Lynn’s email gives you the details of how the money will be spent. Lynn came by our classroom on the last day of school to receive our gift basket filled with popcorn (20 bags), several movies that 1B asked me to buy for the children and a $350 Target gift card to purchase any movies that Lynn and her kids want.

Needless to say I’m proud of my kids. They worked hard to earn their money and they learned something, I hope, in the process.

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