Kindergarten Visits the Flowing Wells Campus

The Kindergarten classes had a wonderful time on our first trip of the year to the EDS gardens. Several weeks ago, Mr. Kirstein taught us how to mix up potting soil, and helped us plant lettuce seeds. We watched them grow, and loved planting them in the gardens. We also planted carrot, beet, and radish seeds. We tried looking for worms with Mrs. Welsh, but did not have any luck. We couldn’t believe how many weeds there were to pull and how long their roots were! We cut basil and brought it back to EDS for everyone to share.  Last, we got to water everything, and that was fun too!
Riding on the bus was also an exciting part of our trip! When we turned into the gates of the Flowing Wells Campus, the children surprised us by spontaneously breaking into a loud chant of “EDS is the best!” What a fun place to learn and to work together!
-submitted by the Kindergarten Team

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