Second Grade and the Christmas House at Fort Gordon

Second grade participated in a toy drive to benefit the Christmas House at Fort Gordon. The Christmas House provides free toys to military families who need a little extra help during the holidays. The soldiers and their spouses actually get to “go shopping” at the Christmas House and pick out toys for their children. This year the Christmas House is helping over 500 children!   A big thank you to our EDS second graders and their parents for helping with this wonderful project!

Jennifer Wilson

Second Grade Assistant

EDS Faculty since 2000; 17 years prior experience
B.S. Ed., Old Dominion University
M.Ed., Southern Wesleyan University

Past Grandparent


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  1. Jamie Riedy, Fort Gordon Christmas House Fundraising Chair

    On behalf of the families of Fort Gordon and the Fort Gordon Christmas House Volunteers, thank you to Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Dockery and their students and parents for their generous support which helped over 550 children of local military families have a happy Christmas. Thank you for sharing your Christmas spirit!