The American Red Cross Fall 2016 Elementary School Leadership Conference for 4th and 5th graders



Saturday, November 5th
10:00am -2:00pm

ELDC is an interactive and fun workshop for elementary school students provided FREE of charge, through funds raised by high school Red Cross volunteers and the generous donation by Episcopal Day School of their campus and its amenities. We would like to invite your students to take part in this fun and exciting program!

ELDC is a day of small group activities focusing on leadership, cooperation, diversity and basic first aid, designed to help kids become more effective leaders in their schools, homes and community. The activities promote self-esteem and leadership, and stimulate an interest in community involvement.

Lunch and materials will be provided.

Deadline for registration:
Wednesday, November 2nd

Click here for ELDC Permission Slip

If you have any questions or would like more information, please email the Red Cross.

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