The Best (Worst) School Year Ever Highlights By Third Grade

On Friday, December 1st, morning the 3rd graders presented their culminating projects for the book, The Best School Year Ever. The students have been diligently working on their projects at home and at school. The students presented Imovies, diorama scenes, and memory boxes or bags to their classmates. In addition to the presentations, the students took time to enjoy special snack. It just so happened to be a snack that many of the book characters also enjoyed! The students left the classroom with a special reminder of the book, not in their hands but on their arms.

In the book, the students shared compliments about each of their classmates. Earlier in the school year, the third graders did the same activity. The last scene in the book tells the reader that Imogene Herdman told Beth Bradley to write a particular compliment on Imogene’s arm. Imogene’s favorite received compliment was – resourceful.

To mimic that activity, Beth Bradley showed up today to do the same thing for all of the students. No doubt this may be one of the third grade’s FAVORITE books!

Nora Norville

Fourth Grade

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