This Week at FWC – Kindergarten and Fourth Grade Visits


We enjoyed beautiful skies and unseasonably warm temperatures at the Flowing Wells Campus once again last week as the Kindergarten and fourth grade classes took on a variety of learning activities in the great outdoors.  To complement their ongoing studies of water, fourth graders were challenged to design and build a boat using only natural materials found on campus. They assembled leaves, twigs and an assortment of natural materials to make a boat that would float, and then to experiment with designs that could carry the most pennies–several groups engineered models that held 30 or more!

Many of the trees and shrubs at FWC have began making seeds.  We took this opportunity to collect and observe a variety of seeds and discussed how their design allowed for seed transport by air, land, or water.  We also planted cover crops in the empty garden beds to increase their fertility as we think about the next round of crops that will be planted in the spring. We continue to use our one-to-one technology as both classes documented their experiences with iPads for later reflection in the classroom.
With lettuce, kale, collard greens, and mizuna still growing the gardens, we had another exciting week at the Flowing Wells Campus!

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