This Week from FWC – Fall Greens Are Here!


The third and fifth grades visited the Flowing Wells Campus last week to harvest our beautiful fall greens and and document the process with a bit of photography. Each third grade student began their trip by harvesting collard greens and kale. Later they used their iPads to take pictures and created an iMovie to showcase our beautiful plants after returning to EDS. Ms. Norville cooked the healthy greens and invited all of her students as well as the teachers to taste her recipe the next day. They were delicious!

[youtube height=”540″ width=”960″][/youtube]

Thursday afternoon, first graders got to experience the fall bounty in their EDS classroom. First we studied the parts of the leaves before making a raw kale salad that some loved while others were still a bit skeptical. Ms. Snead and Ms. Grogan were able to convince their students that kale is delicious as they fried the shredded greens with olive oil and salt. By the end of class, every single leaf had been devoured as several students cheerfully declared, “I like kale”.


Fifth graders ended the week with a three activity rotation at FWC. We experimented with small solar panels to see how the amount of light and angle to the sun affect the power generated as part of their current study of solar energy. They also planted carrots and used their laptops to take pictures of some of our younger crops to measure the amount of growth in future weeks. All 30 our raised beds have been planted and we look forward to learning about the types of veggies that will grow into the fall and winter. Coming next week, red leaf lettuce for the second grade!

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