8th Grade Grandparents Day

This year’s Eighth Grade Grandparents’ Day was a touching tribute to the importance of grandparents and special family members in our students’ lives. In the weeks preceding the event, literature teacher Dana McGill had each student compose a poem about their grandparents or grand-friends. Grandparents/grand-friends and their eighth graders sat together at Chapel, and the sermon that morning was comprised of several students reading their poems aloud to their peers and guests. The poems were funny, thoughtful, and full of love.

After Chapel, eighth graders and guests had brunch in the Parish Hall. After a brief presentation by Headmaster Ned Murray, they were treated to a video with each student thanking their grandparents for attending and mentioning what they loved best about their grandparents. Guests also received a booklet with all of the grandparent poems and writings about their Outward Bound experiences.

The morning was a special event for all involved, and one of the many milestones these eighth graders will pass as they move through their final months at EDS.

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