8th Grade Instagram Art History Presentations


8th graders worked in teams and selected a famous artist for their Art History presentation. Students created Instagram posters displaying information and images about their artists. We invited 3rd graders into the classroom to view the posters and watch 8th graders speak about their artists, engage in a small activity with the younger kids, and hand out quiz sheets. Watching this whole project unfold was exceptionally cool. 8th graders worked so hard to learn about their artists, and the 3rd graders were an awesome audience and eager to soak up information.

IMG_7781 IMG_7780 IMG_7779 IMG_7775 IMG_7773 IMG_7772 IMG_7770 IMG_7769 IMG_7763 IMG_7761 IMG_7760 IMG_7759 IMG_7758 IMG_7757 IMG_7756 IMG_7754 IMG_7753 IMG_7751 IMG_7750 IMG_7749 IMG_7748 IMG_7747 IMG_7745

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