Augusta, Past and Present

Accompanied by the seventh grade team of McBryde, McNeil, Mundell, Sanchez, and Stubbs, seventh graders ventured out into our community for a trio of days exploring all things “Augusta, Past and Present.”  This yearly multidisciplinary unit takes students onto the waters of the Augusta Canal and the Savannah River to understand their connections to our city’s development, as well as to a variety of historic sites and landmarks around the area to make connections with our historical significances from the 1700s-the 1900s.  These off campus activities allow students to better see how today’s community is a result of the topography, the people, and the conditions of the past.  Students completed a variety of tasks associated with this week of learning. On top of ordering their own meals in Spanish and calculating their own tax and tip, students completed a presentation on Augusta’s role in the Revolutionary War, a scientific journal competition, and a brief research paper detailing all they learned.

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