Congratulations 3rd Quarter Honor Roll!


Congratulations to the students who made third quarter honor roll!

Grade 8 Grade 7 Grade 6
 Nicole A. Jack A.  Henry A.
 Madeleine B.  Madison B.  Harrison B.
 Imani B.  Jay B.  Madden B.
 Henry C.  Anne Carter C.  Talley C.
 McNeill F.  Jane C.  William C.
 Katie G.  Nanette C-R.  Virginia C.
 Ansley I.  Heather C.  Allie D.
 Kate L.  Spencer F.  Waters J.
 Jack M.  Hailey F.  Elizabeth M.
 Drew M.  Harry J.  Lee P.
 Daniel N.  Evelyn K.  Evan S.
 Glen O.  Sam L.  Thomas W.
 Jim S.  Camille L.
 William S.  Marshall M.
 Salley W.  Carson M.
 Sarah Catherine P.
 Victoria P.
 Dodie S.
 Taylor S.
 Nan W.

Dr. Ned R. Murray

Head of School

EDS Faculty since 2003; 20 years prior experience
B.A., The University of the South, Sewanee
M.Ed., The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
D.Min.EL, Virginia Theology Seminary

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