Congratulations Winners Phinizy Center for Water Sciences Journal Challenge Competition!


The Phinizy Center for Water Sciences holds an annual Journal Challenge competition, which coordinates with our our seventh graders’ Interdisciplinary Unit – Augusta, Past and Preset. Students chose two options for their journal challenge:

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  • Draw a picture of something beautiful that you saw at the Phinizy Center. It could be a flower, a macroinvertebrate you looked at under the scope, a view of the landscape from your boat, or anything else that inspires you. Add written language to embellish your drawing.
  • Imagine you are writing a letter to your best friend or a relative to tell them about your adventure. How would you describe your experience to someone who was not with you?

The following students are being recognized by Phinizy for their entries!

Winning Entries:
Anne C.
Aisha P.
Honorable Mentions:
Jay M.
North G.
Brendan F.

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