Demystifying the Magic Box


So do you know how whether or not computers run on AC or DC current? Or what RAM and BIOS actually are? How about all of those 1s and 0s in binary—what IS that?! If you are a 6th grader taking computer class this semester, you do now. On Monday, Bryan Rude, a Senior Cyber Advisor a Fort Gordon and father of 6th grader Evelyn, came to talk to Mrs. Owens’ 6th grade computer class about basic computer architecture. Mr. Rude demystified the “magic box” mentality that most people have about computers because he believes it is important for students to have a basic understanding of how computers really work. Computer science is one of the fasting growing careers so much so that the US currently has more jobs in that area than we can fill. In addition, cyber security and Internet safety is one of Mr. Rude’s favorite topics, so we look forward to having him back to discuss those important issues as well.

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