EDS Students to Participate in the Inaugural Augusta Junior Model United Nations Program


During the conference on October 8, our delegates will be debating and deciding whether their States want to pass, amend, or oppose given Resolutions. Each topic has three separate Resolutions (for a total of six). Delegates will get to know their assigned States and figure out how they would actually respond to these Resolutions. Delegations will be prepared to speak and win awards to get the full educational benefits of the program. Two main issues will be addressed, Migration and Human Rights, and Terrorism and WMDs.

EDS has been assigned the Member States of Kenya, France, Hungary, Afghanistan, Qatar, and the USA.

Kenya – Nicole Alleyne, Alex Bagby
France – Beth Coleman, Nan Woodward
Hungary – Hill Nixon, Loflin Phillips
Afghanistan – Harry Jones, William Barfield
Qatar – Henry Chew, Ezra Barrett
USA – Jack Monnig, Jack Ryan

Good luck to our students!

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