Plans Move Forward for EDS Back Lawn and Arts Center

Last week, Don Lockerbie, John Jenkins, and Matt Evans were back in Augusta to begin in earnest the detailed programming and design elements of the Walton Way campus master plan.  Wednesday evening was a cocktail reception at the Pinnacle Club with participants in last fall’s Readiness Study to bring those supporters up to date.  Lockerbie, Jenkins, and Evans spent the entire day Thursday on campus with faculty and staff, taking detailed notes and listening to ideas, opinions, and dreams.

At the direction of the Planning and Design Leadership Team, this visit focused on the portion of the master plan that relates to a new fine arts center and playground/back field renovation. Architect Al Cheatham was brought on board, and with the guidance of the Planning and Design Leadership Team made great strides as to how to proceed, and decide what is next, before shovel is put to ground.  EDS parents and supporters should expect an invitation in late winter/early spring to a meeting where these ideas are presented.

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