Email Etiquette 101 in the Middle School

Email Etiquette 101 in the Middle School

At the request of middle school teachers, members of the Advancement Team took time to introduce email etiquette to middle school students. These students are now equipped with all of the tools they need for proper communication and collaboration in their studies. Here are a few lessons we taught them in the lesson:

  1. Consider your audience: Emails are not texts, and students should use proper grammar and courteous language.”K” is an inappropriate response.
  2. Know the Rules: What’s the difference between a CC and BCC? Respond in a timely manner, and avoid inappropriate attachments.
  3. When a conversation needs a conversation: Know when to email, and when to ask for a face-to-face meeting.
  4. Mind Your Tone: Practice reading your email aloud – if it sounds rude when you say it out loud, it probably is. Have someone else proof your email, and think before you speak.
  5. Leaving a Paper Trail: Use your emails for accountability; Take responsibility for what you say you’ll do, when you say you’ll do it.

The students were receptive to the lesson, asked great questions, and were given homework at the end. Each student had to write an email to Mrs. Dallas using the tools they learned in the lesson.

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