Holiday Fundraising Sale

Holiday Fundraising Sale

The sixth graders have been working hard to complete their end of semester project setting up a micro-business to raise money to buy toys for the local Toys for Tots.  They will be hosting a fundraising sale during lunch on December 7th.  All students will have the opportunity to purchase cookies, lollipops, bracelets, paintings and more during their lunchtime.  Most items will be priced at $2 and under and the sixth grade students are excited about raising money for toys for less fortunate children in our community.

The local Toys For Tots was burglarized and lost $25,000 donations and they are behind on collecting toys for many of the needy children in our community. Toys they collect stay in our community and will be given to children who live in poverty in Augusta and who may not receive many holiday gifts without community support.

Please support our sixth grade fundraising sale this Thursday, December 7th!

Kimberly Kirstein

Fifth & Sixth Grade Math, Middle School Advisor, Math Department Coordinator

EDS faculty since 2017
B.S. Middle Grades Education
Masters in Education

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