It’s All About The Results; EDS Class of 2014 Alumni Chapel 

It's All About The Results; EDS Class of 2014 Alumni Chapel 

It’s all about results, and we got a close up look at our results last Friday. Our alumni chapel for high school seniors (on States’ Fair day) has become one of the best events we do.  When we first hatched the idea, I doubted whether high school seniors would get up (and get dressed up) just to attend chapel back at their old elementary/middle school. I know I wouldn’t have.  But they do – enthusiastically (click here for pictures). And they come from out of town. We’ve had alumni come from Charleston; Atlanta; Darien, GA; Washington, DC; and Delaware, just for this event. They and their parents tell us it is a wonderful opportunity to touch base with the people and place that touched their lives so deeply. It is a powerful reminder of the Foundation for Life built at EDS when we invite each alumnus into the pulpit to share one lesson they learned at EDS that has been important to them since graduation.

It also is a wonderful opportunity for our teachers. It’s like payday when we get to see and experience them all grown up, mature, and deeply appreciative of the school. If these beautiful, bright, mature young people facing wonderful futures are our results, we are doing something very right.

Have a safe and restful break. Don’t forget to read something interesting!

A Note from Mr. Bailey Walker

Class of 2018,

As you approach the next chapter in your life, remember it is not what you do but who you become that is most important. That is, your success in life will depend less on the career path you select but more on the person you choose to be. In the end, you will be rightly judged by the content of your character and not on your material possessions.

I look forward you hearing good things about you in the future. I pray for your material and spiritual well-being. I’m sorry I could not share this moment with you.

-Bailey Walker


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