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The Birthday Book Club provides an opportunity for you to donate a book to the EDS Library in recognition of your child’s birthday. You will receive an email invitation to visit the library to donate a book in honor of the special day. The library provides a selection of Accelerated Reader titles and nonfiction titles to choose from for the donation of $18.

On the first Monday of each month that school is in session your child can select a book he or she wishes to donate to the library. August birthdays are celebrated in September and summer birthdays will be celebrated in May. The celebration dates are listed below.

September 15
October 6
November 3
December 1
January 12
February 2
March 2
April 20
May 4

The book your child chooses will have a donor plate mounted inside the front cover with their name, date, and occasion on it and will receive a birthday goody bag. Your child will be the first to check out this new book from the library.

The EDS library works hard to maintain quality materials. Your contribution to the Birthday Book Club will help us reach our goal in collection development.

Join the Birthday Book Club Here.

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