Mexican Hot Chocolate in Spanish Class

As the weather had been so cold last week, I decided it was time to share some culture and food with my students.  This week most of my classes have been learning about foods and trying some of them.  The students got to experience making Mexican Hot Chocolate or also known as Chocolate Caliente which by the way is the preferred breakfast beverage in the Latin-American countries.  They also enjoyed some of Torta de Reyes (King cake) for Martes de Carnaval (Mardi Gras), and some Colombian breads, plantains, and cheese.
Most of the students enjoyed having the Chocolate Caliente,  the King Cake, and the Colombian bread.  They were all saying “¡Me gusta, más por favor!”, but when it came to the plantains, they were not so sure, so I heard a lot of “¡No me gusta, gracias!”.  It was interesting seeing their faces and their reactions as they tasted the different foods.
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Sonia Puerta-Quinn

Spanish Department Coordinator; First - Sixth Grade Spanish

EDS Faculty since 2007
B.A., Augusta State University
M.A., University of Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain

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