Outward Bound Reflections


We started out bright and early Monday morning. The bus was filled with 39 very excited eighth graders. There was lots of singing and questions such as,  “are we there yet?” and “how much longer?” When we arrived at Brown Mountain overlook it was gray and rainy. In my mind I thought this was not a good sign for 5 days in the mountains. I don’t think it phased anyone but me. We quickly divided into our 4 crews and were off for a week filled with the unknown, excitement, anxiety and a sense of accomplishment.

As we worked and hiked through the week, I witnessed a group of young men and women show compassion, craftsmanship, self-reliance, and physical fitness. You did this by navigating, rock climbing, cooking, purifying water, setting up camp and trusting one another. You know these as the four pillars to Outward Bound. At times  these pillars proved to be challenging to all of us.

In the end as we were sitting on the rocks looking at Table Rock and The Chimneys having one of our last reflections as a group, I knew my crew understood our purpose and why EDS had sent us on Outward Bound. It fits perfectly with the foundation and mission set forth by EDS. Now that we are back in our EDS community, I can’t wait to see how this eighth grade class will “Encourage One Another” and incorporate the four pillars into their community.  There were lessons learned in Outward Bound that will last a lifetime.

Outward Bound photos from Mrs. Weston’s crew.

Outward Bound photos from Mrs. Murray’s crew.

Outward Bound photos from Dr. Murray’s crew.

Outward Bound photos from Mr. Lewis’s crew.

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