Don't miss our Panthers prowling this week!

Panther Nation let’s make some noise!

The winter athletic season is in full effect. The EDS Panthers have been on the prowl. They spent a few weeks sharpening their claws, walking their territory, and stalking their prey and are ready for the fight.

Who ever said cats couldn’t swim didn’t meet an EDS Panther. A few weeks ago, our Panther swim team left our territory and ventured into a new jungle. The Knights of Crown Athletics with over 400 swimmers hosted the first meet of the season. No doggie paddle or splashing by our cats, just speed and endurance.

The EDS boys and girls varsity Panther basketball teams played the Wildcats from Westminster at home. The house was rocking as the cheerleaders lead the cheers and spirit. There was no real catfight here as the girls won 25 – 15, and the boys won 47 – 27 to open the season.

Don’t miss out on the Panther action this week!

Away at St. Mary’s – Aiken
JV girls at 4:00
JV boys at 5:00
V girls at 6:00
V boys at 7:00

Home vs Hillcrest
V girls at 5:00
V boys at 6:00

Away at St Mary’s Augusta
JV girls at 4:00
JV boys at 5:00

FRIDAY, 12/6
Home vs Augusta Christian
V girls at 4:00
V boys at 5:00

Jaye Cohen

Director of Athletics, Middle School Physical Education

EDS Faculty since 2013; 21 years prior experience
B.A., English Media, High Point University
M.A., Science in Interscholastic Athletic Administration, Ohio University
C.A.A., National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association

Alumni Parent

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