Soil is Indeed Essential for Life

Our 7th grade student scientists have been investigating the properties of soil, it’s formation, and the characteristics of soil layers called horizons.  As a two-fold simulation and modeling activity, students build a Soil Profile (vertical view of soil horizons) using a variety of soils and sediments and followed up with an Edible Soil Profile.  YUM!
Why is soil so important?  The Soil Science Society of America tells us that “Soil provides ecosystem services critical for life: soil acts as a water filter and a growing medium; provides habitat for billions of organisms, contributing to biodiversity; and supplies most of the antibiotics used to fight diseases. Humans use soil as a holding facility for solid waste, filter for wastewater, and foundation for our cities and towns. Finally, soil is the basis of our nation’s agroecosystems which provide us with feed, fiber, food and fuel.” Soil is indeed essential for life!

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