Spelling Bee W-I-N-N-E-R-S

Classroom spelling bees were held on Monday, November 24, in fourth through eighth grades. Students competed to determine a classroom winner and runner-up. Classroom winners will compete in the school-wide spelling bee on the morning of Friday, January 9, in the gym. Congratulations to all of our fantastic EDS spellers!

Dill (4A)

Winner: Sam J.
Alternate: Tom B.

Moss (4B)

Winner: Lila P.
Alternate: Reid B.

Pierce (5A)

Winner: Will M.
Alternate: Ruthie M.

McCrary (5B)

Winner: Elizabeth C.
Alternate: Brendan F.

McNeil (6-1)

Winner: Lee P.
Alternate: Evelyn R.

Metzel (6-2)

Winner: Thomas W.
Alternate: Fisher S.

Smith (7-1)

Winner: Nan W.
Alternate: Annabel W.

Jewett (7-2)

Winner: Madison B.
Alternate: Camille L.

Mundell (8-1)

Winner: Imani B.
Alternate: Ezra B.

McGill (8-2)

Winner: Katie G.
Alternate: Loflin P.

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