Mrs. Marriott Wins $1000 Grant for EDS STEM Project

EDS thanks and congratulates Mrs. Mary Ann Marriott, EDS 7th grade science teacher and Science Department Coordinator, for applying for – and winning – a $1000 grant from the Savannah River Site’s Excellence-In-Teaching Mini Grants program!

This grant will fund the continuation of the Canal Day project the EDS science team, along with support and participation from their middle school colleagues, piloted last fall with our current sixth and seventh graders.

As an integral part of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum at EDS, Canal Day gives students an in-depth look at the vital role that the Savannah River plays in the health of our community, as well as the influence of land use on the health of the Savannah River watershed.  Students are provided the opportunity to see the big picture of how a watershed plays a key role in the their community while at the same time building team work and confidence.  This two-year unit of study will provide the opportunity for students to revisit the theme throughout both their sixth and seventh grade school years.

Both grade levels participated in a series of activities during this day-long event, enhanced with follow- up activities to be completed in the classroom, including the use of additional data collected by SNSA researchers, guest speakers, engineering applications, and extended journaling.  Sixth graders spend their day on the Augusta Canal and seventh graders on the Patriot Riverboat on the Savannah River.

For more information about this exciting project, read Mary Ann’s post about their first Canal Day last fall.

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