STEM Club Investigates Recycling


As a culminating activity for the STEM Club investigation into recycling, students explored the decomposition timeline of several common types of  “trash,” as well as the benefits of decomposers in compost and soil. In addition, students were presented with the basic structure of a landfill and challenged to design a landfill that would best serve a community. After sharing their designs, students then headed out to the Augusta-Richmond County Municipal Landfill for a first hand look. Students learned that the primary responsibilities of the landfill are to:

  • Receive and manage bulk, household, and yard waste from various sources
  • Supply garbage carts and recycling bins to Augusta citizens and businesses
  • Perform monitoring to ensure that Augusta’s landfill meets Federal and Georgia environmental regulations
  • Accept recyclable materials and support recycling programs

The STEM Explorations Club is excited to bring an increased awareness about the benefits of recycling to our EDS community and to help encourage their peers to make positive recycling choices around our school.

See more photos from the STEM Club Lesson here:

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