Sumo Bot Enrichment Class – Registration Deadline Extended!

The Sumo Robot Enrichment start date has been pushed back 1 week to allow extra time for sign up. Registration will close on Tuesday February 7 and the course will begin on Monday February 13. Join Mr. Kirstein and Coach Rick for the Sumo Robot League! The league believes in a future where every person has the skills to build a robot of their own. This allows every student the opportunity to learn to code and build a robot of their own. By the end of this enrichment students will have built a robot, learned the fundamentals of coding, and be able to compete in a local Sumo Robot tournament day! This innovative approach to STEAM education is a unique opportunity that EDS is excited to be a part of!

Elise Folk

Fifth & Sixth Grade English & Literature, Auxiliary Programs

EDS Faculty since 2015
B.S., Vanderbilt University
M.Ed., Vanderbilt University
MBA, Augusta University

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