Third Quarter Honor Roll

Congratulations to the third quarter middle school honor roll students and to their families. EDS is proud of your hard work, persistence, and academic excellence!

6th Grade:
Anne Carter C., Jane C., Beth C., Nanette C., Heather C., Spencer F (not pictured), Sam L., Camille L., Marshall M., Sarah Catherine P., Dodie S., Taylor S., Nan W.

7th Grade:
Nicole A., Madeleine B., Henry C., Spencer C., McNeill F., Katie G., Ansley I., Jack M., Drew M., Daniel N., Glen O., Maggie P., Loflin P., Jack R., Jim S., William S., Salley W.

8th Grade:
Nathan A., Huck B., Michael C., Emma K., Grace M., Evan M., Kai N., Alexandra P., McCall S.

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  1. Way to go guys!

  2. Brenna McEowen


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