Worker Ants and The Food Drive

Last Friday, December 1, a 5th grader rightly observed that he and his classmates were “just like worker ants” as they circumnavigating the entire campus carrying the many food drive bags to the front parking lot collection. It was a lot of work for the fifth grade helpers, as there was a LOT of food to be picked up from every hallway! Dave Iverson, our Columbia County Cares contact for many years, stood by his truck in awe as the baskets filled to overflowing. He later reported that our generous donation totaled three times as many items as last year. You may remember that we set a 6000lb record in 2016 … well, we gave (as requested) lighter items this year, so counting was more accurate than weighing, AND we set a new record for ourselves. David Titus, President of the Board of the Local Food Pantries, wrote: “Special thanks to EDS for your generosity in helping to fight hunger in our community. you come through every year!” I add my own congratulations and thanks to those of Dave and David, and redouble my pride in the care once again shown by the students, families, and faculty of Episcopal Day School.

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