Annual Fund Drive Has Begun

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For 26 years, the EDS Annual Fund has had a tremendous impact on our school. Since 1988, the year of our first campaign, the EDS Annual Fund has raised over $3 million and every dollar has gone directly into making EDS the best educational decision you can make for your child. Annual Fund revenue makes a direct and daily difference in our school. From academics, athletics, the arts, and technology, to faculty salaries, benefits, and buildings and grounds, the Annual Fund provides the extra support that allows EDS to provide the education our students deserve.

Last year, for the first time, one class had 100% parent participation in the Annual Fund (prekindergarten, thanks to the efforts of Class Chairmen Elizabeth and Gray Jackson) and several others reached 97% participation. Overall participation also set a record at 83% !

This year, Jonathan Adams and Jennifer Trotter co-chair the Annual Fund. Jonathan is an EDS alumnus, and both are EDS parents who bring a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and passion to their roles. Additionally, many parents (Class Chairmen) and Trustees are part of the Annual Fund volunteer force and will spend the next two weeks asking you – our parents – to make a gift, make a difference, and make EDS an even better school.

Click here to give now.

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Ginger Chew

Director of Development

EDS Faculty since 2022; 22 years prior experience

B.A. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Alumni Parent

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