Black and White Student Photos For Sale


Beautiful black and white photos were taken of every EDS student during the weeks leading up to Fall Festival. Fall sports photos are also available for purchase via this gallery. Follow the instructions below to purchase a digital download or prints of your child(ren). Happy Shopping!

To Order Black & White Photos

1. Go to
2. Enter Password: eds2014
3. Find Your Child’s Class / Grade / *Sport  *For 5th-8th grade students who participated in a fall sport
4. Find Your Child and Select Desired Photos  *Be sure to look over the entire class folder as some photos may not be grouped together.
5. Follow Simple Ordering Instructions
Access photos from previous years:
Password: eds2012
Password: eds2013
All proceeds benefit the EDS Association. A special thanks to our photographers, Shannon Lanier and Jaye Cohen (Sports)!

Questions? Contact Brenna McEowen.

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