Double Down for EDS

Double Down for EDS
Seize the Opportunity! Apply for your 2016 Georgia tax credit today and redirect state tax dollars to EDS. It only takes a minute – click here to complete the online form. GOAL will submit your information to the DOR on January 1st.  Payment is due no later than 60 days after the DOR approval, which will be late March 2016. You will receive a form to file with your 2016 return to receive your dollar for dollar credit.
Individual Filer – up to $1,000
Married Filing Jointing – up to $2,500
Married Filing Separately – up to $1,250
C-Corp or Trust – up to 75% of annual GA income tax liability
Matching Gifts – Ask your HR or community relations office about employers matching gift policy
If you are unfamiliar with this program and would like more information please call me or your accountant.
Thank you for your continued support of EDS!

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